seismic upgrade

Industrial Buildings

Industrial facilities must be designed to be versatile and to meet the rigors of hard, prolonged use. They must also meet specialized security and maintenance requirements and be flexible enough to adapt to meet future modifications.

Vernier Building Seismic Roof Upgrade and Mechanical Unit Replacement

MCE provided engineering calculations intended for design of the canopy using solar panels, structural repairs to meet current seismic loading, and analysis of lateral loads due to replacement of mechanical units. Seismic loading and wind loading on new mechanical units were based on estimated replacement unit weights. The criteria that all new mechanical units weigh less than existing and that framing members at replacement mechanical units be verified for capacity.

Seismic Rehabilitation of Netarts-Oceanside Fire Station

Miller Consulting Engineers worked in close collaboration with the Netarts-Oceanside Rural Fire Protection District to provide structural engineering design for seismic upgrade of the local fire station. In addition, structural engineering design for improvements to the main office and construction administration support services were provided.

Apcon Building Seismic Retrofit

The Apcon building is a 42,000-square-foot, single-story building constructed in the early 1970s.  In 2006, Apcon, a leading manufacturer of switches and network management equipment, acquired the building and undertook a major renovation to change the building into a modern manufacturing facility.

The Caplan Building