Quail Ridge House Remodel, Happy Valley, OR

At Miller Consulting Engineers, no project is too big or too small.

Miller Consulting Engineers came to the aid of a local architectural firm Roman Design to provide structural engineering for the concrete walkway and patio cover for this new residence.

Castel di Sabbia

The Castel di Sabbia, or Castle of Sand, is a large residential structure located in the harsh environment of Rockaway Beach, Oregon. This four-story, 10, 000-square-foot structure is located in a high wind region, high seismic region, and corrosive environment of the Oregon Coast.

American Plaza Tower Condominium Parking Structure Repairs

Joint repair for American Plaza Parking Structure

Fairview Lake Outlet Structure, Fairview, Oregon

The Fairview Lake Outlet Structure is a low-head concrete dam structure installed to provide flood protection and hydraulic control over the Fairview Lake. The structure is 80 feet wide and has four flow channels. Miller Consulting Engineers, Inc. performed structural design and analysis of the concrete diversion structure, the concrete flow channel, the sidewalls, the stop logs, steel walkways and the steel gate structure.