Earth Retaining Structures

Miller Consulting Engineers offers engineering services for many types of retaining structures. Because we do not endorse any single, proprietary retaining wall system, we can offer our customers with the system that best suits their needs.

Concrete Walls Tie-back Walls Segmental Walls
Cantilever Pile Walls Wrap Walls Bridge Abutments
Rock Walls Tank Structures Utility Vaults
Timber Walls Shotcrete Walls Landslide Mitigation
Gabion Walls Terraced Walls  

Site conditions, weather, availability of materials and schedules are key factors in choosing the best type of retaining structures.  We work closely with geotechnical engineers on larger and complicated walls to take advantage of the existing site conditions to provide the most economical solution available.  Retained earth wall heights vary depending on the project and can be as little as 4 feet or 50 feet and larger. We provide structural engineering services insure walls have adequate strength, and size to meet the requirements of the local building jurisdiction.