23-Lincoln Townhomes, 23rd & NW Lincoln Avenue, Corvallis, OR

As the structural engineer of record, Miller Consulting Engineers provided structural design and construction services for these two housing complexes made up of four units, each three stories high. Planned for OSU students off-campus housing, these townhome-style accommodations are wood frame construction with a concrete foundation including a bike shelter and masonry trash enclosure on site. The total living area is equal to 18,750 square feet. MCE provided expeditious structural engineering services for the entire project, which entailed structural drawings and calculations that were completed in 12 days. As a result, MCE helped saved costs for the owner. MCE overcame site constraints of the project by engineering each unit as an individual structure. During construction, MCE coordinated with the contractor, owner, and designer to ensure the project was being built in accordance with the plans and specifications prepared by MCE.